Last Friday, we raised a total of £4,608 for Children in Need. Thank you all for your contributions which will make a big difference to supporting vital projects which change the lives of children and young people all over the UK.

As we approach the Christmas holidays, I wanted to remind everyone about our responsibilities to ensure that we remain safe and secure from Covid-19. It may be that some of you are considering travelling during this period. If so, please make sure you check quarantine rules to avoid any issues of not being able to return in January. We have key examinations for Sixth Form students and it is imperative that they keep safe and Covid-19 free to sit these examinations.

On Tuesday after school we held our first virtual Parent Teacher consultation evening. This used new software that facilitated booking and live connections between school and home. I would like to thank Ms Pitsillis for organising the implementation of the new software and the Sixth Form team and staff for switching over to this mode of delivery.

On Thursday evening, FO$S hosted a live parents forum where a number of parents were able to ask questions to senior staff. This was very successful and is something that we will repeat in the Spring term. Thank you to the FO$S committee for organising. If you would like to offer help to the school and join the committee, we would be very grateful for your support. Simply contact the school and we can liaise with them.

There will be no Sandprint next week due to learning review meetings starting on Wednesday after school through to Thursday lunchtime. Friday is our annual Occasional Day which will give everyone an opportunity to re-charge before the final weeks running up to Christmas. Enjoy the extended weekend when it arrives.

Best wishes, Alan Gray

Mr A Gray

Upcoming Dates

23rd Nov - Year 11 Trial Exams Week
25th Nov - 4:00 PM LRD Appointments Commence
26th Nov - LRD
27th Nov - Occasional Day
07th Dec - 7:00 PM Winter Concert

Absence Line

Phone: 01727 799564

Absence Email: (Available 24 hours) absence@sandringham.herts.sch.uk

Please report ALL absences before 9:15am on the first day of absence and every morning thereafter.

Mr S Kemp
Assistant Headteacher

Headteacher Commendations


Aaron A9EHistory
Abigail V9AHistory
Adam K8TGerman
AJ M7SGerman
Alexandra L7SGerman
Alexandra L7SMathematics
Alexandra R7AFrench
Alice A7FGerman
Alice P10TMathematics
Alisha A7AFrench
Alisha A7AHistory
Alya G8ADesign Technology
Alys G9FPersonal Development
Amin H7FGerman
Angelina M8EGerman
Anna H8TGerman
Annabelle N7FGerman
Anton R8EDesign Technology
Anton R8EGerman
Archie K9EDesign Technology
Atharva K9HHistory Skills
Azima M8HArt
Azzy C10HMathematics
Bea B8EGerman
Bea M8HArt
Ben L8SGerman
Beth A8JDesign Technology
Bryn J9AHistory
Bryn J9ADesign Technology
Bryn J9AFrench
Calum W7NHistory
Charlie S7SScience
Charlotte H8FGerman
Connor C10SMathematics
Conor S8TDesign Technology
Daisy X8TGerman
Daniel H8SGerman
Darcy M8ADesign Technology
Darcy W8SGerman
Deenah K9JDesign Technology
Dimitri S8FDesign Technology
Dimitri S8FGerman
Dominic O7TMathematics
Eirian W8SDesign Technology
Elena S7AHistory
Elliot B9AHistory
Elliot B9AMathematics
Emily S8TGerman
Eszter G7FGerman
Ethan S9NDesign Technology
Ethan S9NFrench
Ethan S9NHistory Skills
Eva J8SDesign Technology
Finley G7FGerman
Finn K9AMathematics
Flavia P7AFrench
Flavia P7AHistory
Gabriel D9NMathematics
Gabriella L9AArt
Gabriella L9AFrench
George P9SMathematics
Gloria C7SMathematics
Grace T7FScience
Hafsa K9AMathematics
Haniyah Y7TScience
Hannah G8ADesign Technology
Harris Y9NHistory Skills
Harrison G7AHistory
Harrison M10TMathematics
Harrison S8ADesign Technology
Harry M10NMathematics
Harry W7FGerman
Heather Q11TEnglish
Henry G9JHistory Skills
Herbie M9FPersonal Development
Holly W7NHistory
Huwie M8FDesign Technology
Huwie M8FGerman
Ifeoma N9JDesign Technology
Isabel R8HArt
Isabella L9AHistory
Isla P7AHistory
Ivo G9HDesign Technology
Jack H9AArt
Jack H9AFrench
Jack R9JDesign Technology
Jack R7FGerman
Jacob C10NMathematics
Jake B8EDesign Technology
James H9HEnglish
James O9SMusic
James W8FDesign Technology
Jamieson L8SEnglish
Jasmine R7FMathematics
Jessica B8TGerman
Jessica R7AHistory
Jessie P8FDesign Technology
Joe G9NMathematics
Johnny P9TDesign Technology
Joshua C9FHistory Skills
Katherine K7FGerman
Katie W9HDesign Technology
Kaydee B7AHistory
Keala W8TGerman
Kenzie M9JHistory Skills
Lara R10HMathematics
Lauren D9AHistory
Lauren D9AMathematics
Lauren R7FGerman
Layla J9SDesign Technology
Leah G7FGerman
Leo V9HMathematics
Leon P7SMathematics
Lexi F9NMusic
Lexi F9NDesign Technology
Lexi S8TGerman
Libby A9JDesign Technology
Lilia K9AFrench
Lily D9NDesign Technology
Lily D9NFrench
Lizzy S8FGerman
Luke C8SGerman
Lydia I10SMathematics
Mackenzie S9TMusic
Madalyn L8HArt
Mae B8JDesign Technology
Maisie F10FMathematics
Mario A9EHistory
Mark L9FHistory Skills
Martha C8HDesign Technology
Matthew G9JMathematics
Max B9SHistory Skills
Max D7FGerman
Max M8SGerman
Meesam A7AHistory
Megan O8TGerman
Melissa G9NFrench
Mia O7FGerman
Mia P9AArt
Mia P9AFrench
Millie M7TMathematics
Millie S9HFrench
Molly H8TDesign Technology
Natalie E8EGerman
Natalie I8TGerman
Natasha L8SGerman
Nathan P8SGerman
Niamh F8FGerman
Nico C9SMusic
Niopha R9AFrench
Oliver G10FMathematics
Oliver J9EHistory Skills
Oliver W8TGerman
Olivia D8FGerman
Oscar I9FMusic
Oscar P10EMathematics
Oscar S10EMathematics
Otis L7SMathematics
Pearl M7NHistory
Penny O9HFrench
Peter F7AFrench
Rayyan S8SGerman
Rhia H8EGerman
Rhiannon P10SMathematics
Rhys H7AHistory
Rhys P7NHistory
Robert S7FGerman
Rohith M9AFrench
Rohith M9AScience
Roisin C7AFrench
Rory G9JHistory Skills
Rory L8EGerman
Rosie A7AFrench
Sam F9AMathematics
Sam R7SMathematics
Sam R7SScience
Sam T9FMusic
Sasha T7SMathematics
Selina J8SGerman
Seren W9TDesign Technology
Seth M8ADesign Technology
Sophia P8FGerman
Sophie C8SGerman
Talya F9HDesign Technology
Talya F9HFrench
Thomas B9FPersonal Development
Tia P9JFrench
Toby W8TEnglish
Toby Y8ADesign Technology
Tommy E8HDesign Technology
Tristan S8SGerman
Will B9NMathematics
Xavi B7AHistory
Zach E8HArt
Zak W9FHistory Skills
Zak W9FPersonal Development
Zoe H8TGerman


Aaron D7F Science
Arhan B8J Drama
Beth A8J Drama
Dominic H8J Drama
Ella R8J Drama
Evan R11S Science
Jacob H11J Science
Poppy G8J Drama
Sofia A8J Drama
Yasmin S8J Drama


Abigail F11EDrama
Abigail R7TGerman
Ada G7HFrench
Adam H9EGerman
Alice D7HFrench
Archie W8SGerman
Ariella F7HFrench
Arnav M7HFrench
Becca B7HFrench
Beth Y7TGerman
Charlie I7HFrench
Charlie S11TDrama
Dani M8FGerman
Dylan M7TGerman
Edith H9EGerman
Eilon K7HFrench
Emily N7HFrench
Franek K7TGerman
George K7TGerman
Georgina B9SGerman
Haniyah Y7TGerman
Harrison G7TGerman
Harry P7HFrench
Harvey V8FGerman
Hugo T7TGerman
James V9SGerman
Jiwon L7TGerman
Jodie H7TGerman
Joe F8JFrench
Joe F7TGerman
Josh N7TGerman
Joshua P11TDrama
Kaela L9SGerman
Katie M8HFrench
Kela R7HFrench
Laura D7HFrench
Lucas H7TGerman
Martha D9SGerman
Mia H7TGerman
Naim I11NDrama
Sam C7TGerman
Sarah O7HFrench
Tevaan H7TGerman
Tia K7HFrench
Tia W7TGerman


Alex L10TMathematics
Alexandra B10EMathematics
Bryony C10FMathematics
Dillon B10AMathematics
Freya E10FMathematics
George D10TMathematics
Luke H10SMathematics
Maximus G10TMathematics
Sam P10FMathematics

School News


A huge congratulations to Fraser McK in 8T, who was offered a place in the Under14 Herts County Badminton Squad at the end of last month.  Unfortunately he can’t start training until after this lockdown is over, but in between the two lockdowns they managed to run the trials and he was successful in gaining a place in the squad. Well done Fraser, we look forward to hearing more about your success once you can play again.

If you would like your child featured in the Student Spotlight, please send a brief note with any photographs to melissa.holian@sandringham.herts.sch.uk


Ms M Holian


We are looking forward to seeing you all (virtually) at the LRD appointments next Wednesday evening and Thursday during the day (25th/26th November.)

Students should be in full school uniform to attend the slot with parents and a gentle reminder to please have your login to the SchoolCloud system ready in order to access your online appointment. The slots are 15 minutes each to allow for logging on/off but appointments will last approximately 10 minutes. Please ensure that you arrive and end the sessions promptly so that the evening and day can run smoothly. Many thanks for your co-operation and we look forward to speaking with you soon.


Mr M Nicholls


It is Oaklands College Virtual Open Day this Saturday, 21st November from 10am-3pm. There will be talks on all subjects and information about applying to the college (see picture attached). If this would be of interest to your child please visit their website for further details

Oaklands College Virtual Open Day

Ms B Tang


S6 in the Sixth Form area, is named after Amelia Earhart whom we believe showed unfaltering determination in her can-do attitude for equal treatment of women. 

Earhart was born in Kansas on the 24th July 1897 and after taking her first plane ride aged just 23, she went on to gain her pilot's license shortly afterwards becoming only the sixteenth woman at the time to do so.

Whilst working as a social worker in 1928, she received an invitation to be the first woman to fly across the Atlantic as a passenger and in 1932, despite powerful winds battering her tiny plane, she became the first woman to fly solo nonstop across the Atlantic.

Earhart was the first women to gain the Air Force Distinguished Flying Cross. And at the height of her career, she also gave speeches, wrote articles, provided career counselling and even set up an affordable fashion line at Macy’s and Marshall Field’s.

In 1937, Amelia Earhart and navigator Fred Noonan took off from Oakland, California on the first leg of their historic round-the-world flight. They disappeared 43 days later.

Whilst her final hours may be a mystery, the legacy that Earhart left through her actions was one that cleared a path for women around the world to reject constrictive social norms and to pursue their dreams, especially in the field of aviation.

"There's more to life than being a passenger."

Ms M Holian


Join Mr Cracknell and Mr Smith as they embark on 24 days of advent activity this December. What better way to see out the end of lockdown 2.0, by joining them in getting active, every day in December? Their interactive advent calendar will encourage a running or walking challenge each day that you can join in with individually or as a family. They hope to raise money for FareShare, the charity supported by Marcus Rashford MBE in his campaign for free school meals. More details in next week’s edition of Sandprint, so dust off those training shoes ready for the 1st December.

Mr D Smith


We are very excited about our first day of tree planting on Monday! Tutor groups 7A, 7E, 7N, 7T will be planting trees in their geography lesson. A letter has been sent to Year 7 parents and students have received an assembly this week.

Trees are really important!  Here are some facts …

  • UK forests currently cover 12% of our land area. This is very low compared to some of our European neighbours. For example, France and Germany have forest cover of 29% and 32% respectively. Of Europe’s total land area, forest cover makes up 47%. 
  • Trees are able to remove excess carbon dioxide (CO2) from our atmosphere and offer a significant contribution to reducing the impact of climate change.
  • Trees are effective air filters. Some species, such as the London plane, are particularly resistant to air pollution and can help filter harmful pollutants by trapping them on their leaves and bark. 
  • Trees provide crucial habitat for much of the UK’s wildlife. Whether it’s for birds nesting in their canopies, small mammals making their homes in the root systems, or bats roosting in their trunks, trees are a vital part of our ecosystem.
  • Trees provide wonderful benefits for both humans and the natural environment. Trees are the lungs of our cities. They’re the homes for our wildlife. They’re our guardians against flooding. Trees are vital to so many aspects of our life.

We hope that Sandringham can play a part in ensuring that the UK increases tree coverage, increasing the biodiversity on the school site and can play a part in combatting climate change!

Mrs K Mouncey


The National Army Museum have worked with Michael Morpurgo and Tom Clohosy Cole to produce a session discussing the new illustrated edition of the classic War Horse story. You can hear from Michael as he reveals what 'War Horse' means to him and reads a favourite extract from the book. This is a lovely text exploring the bravery and courage displayed by animals during wartime and you will also be able pick up some drawing tips from Tom in this family friendly event. Please click on the link below to register



Mrs G Higgins


Tickets for the Christmas Lunch, being held on Tuesday 15th December (Y7, Y9, Y10 & Y12) and Wednesday 16th December (Y8, Y11 & Y13) are available to purchase via Parentpay at a cost of £3.65.

Please buy tickets via ParentPay by Monday 30th November. Tickets will not be issued after this time. If you need a login reminder for your ParentPay account please contact Finance.

There will be no other food available from the canteen at lunchtime on both these days so please ensure students bring their own lunch on the days they are not having Christmas Lunch.

Mrs L Earley


We are in the process of updating our student records. If your child is currently receiving support from CAMHs or any other external agency to support their emotional wellbeing, could you please let the Student Wellbeing Manager, Emma Coyne, know by emailing emma.coyne@sandringham.herts.sch.uk 

Similarly, if your child has finished with CAMHs, please could you let us know so that we can update our records.

Emma Coyne


Every week the Mathematics Faculty publish a puzzle for you to try. You can find the puzzle in the Sandprint or on the screens around school. For every entry you will receive 1 housepoint, if you answer correctly you will win 2 housepoints and if you are the fastest person to answer the puzzle correctly then you will win 5 housepoints! To enter, simply scan the QR code and fill out the google form.  Good luck

Miss H Fryer


Well done to Fawcett and Mr Lacey who lead the House Cup competition this week, which is the first time since mid-October that Austen haven’t been at the top. 

Tutor (Group) of the week =  13E Katie Cave Well done to 13E on the highest score on last week’s Remembrance Day Quiz.

Year group of the week = Year 10 Well done to the Y10’s and Mr Boak on 100% completion on the House quiz.

House of the week = Turing Well done to Turing who had the biggest points increase since last week and the most success on the last weekly House Quiz (AGAIN)!


House Maths scores will be added shortly and as a reminder, students can enter this competition at any point so if your child has not already, please encourage them to get involved.

Mr A Cracknell


One of our 6th form students, Leo M, has been busy producing a portfolio for his upcoming Architecture interviews. As part of this process, he has been asked to design a model for an environmentally friendly home. Leo said he was inspired by the shipping containers which are used every day and thought why not use the shape and structure as a basis for his ideas? The finished model shows some real skill and creativity which hopefully, will earn Leo a place at one of his first-choice destinations. Well done Leo - we think it looks amazing.

Mr A Neville


Please check our website for more details about the following roles:

School Business Manager

Part time Teacher of Music

Learning Supervisor



Mrs K Ward


Our theme this week is Diwili- the Hindu, Sikh and Jain Festival of Lights (14th November 2020). This religious celebration, which for some also coincides with harvest and New Year celebrations, is a festival of new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil, or light over darkness. A fantastic student-led assembly educated us on the importance of Diwali for over a billion people worldwide. Students reflected on how they can ensure good triumphs over evil in their lives by exuding positivity, helping others and being tolerant of the cultures of others. It is excellent that some students have been able to share their faith with their classmates and therefore increase understanding of the diversity in our school community.

Miss K Wills


Thank you so much to everyone who donated to Children in Need last week, helping us to raise an amazing £4,608!  This is a record-breaking total at Sandringham School so thank you again. We have been overwhelmed by your generosity. 

We hope that you managed to spot our Star Student Oliver G in the Harmonies of Hope Choir and you may have also seen Pudsey doing a bit of work experience in the Sandpit Theatre this week.

The grand total raised is an amazing £41million. This will make a massive difference, supporting vital charities and projects which change the lives of children and young people all over the UK. So thank you to everyone who has donated. There is still time to donate by clicking the link below if anyone feels like they are able to. Children In Need ParentPay

Mrs R Ellis


We are delighted to release our virtual exhibition video “Rewilding the World” which is a collation of some of the work produced this year as part of our annual drawing week. Over 400 students took part in this event and took time to upload their wonderful work onto our Google Classroom. Pictures included in this article are a stunning eagle by Yukta C , a mesmerising ocean picture by Laila B-P,  a relaxed-looking sloth by Emma T, and a cuddly Koala by Hywel J.

I would like to thank our wonderful Visual Arts team who spent a considerable amount of their time viewing and responding to all of the work created. We will be announcing our prize winners next week but first we wanted to share with you a celebration of some of the pieces created. I would like to thank our amazing Visual Arts technician Suzy Leto for creating this absolutely stunning virtual exhibition. Inspired by the life and work of David Attenborough, we hope the exhibition will also educate a wider audience about the importance of restoring biodiversity to protect our planet. Through creativity, we hope to have reflected the hopes of our young people, the key changes that need to be made and our shared responsibility to protect our planet.

Rewilding the World Exhibition

Thank you for taking the time to view our virtual exhibition. We do hope you enjoy it.

Ms L Kelly


As there will be no Sandprint next week, we have two Student Spotlights this week.

A huge congratulations to Katie T in Year 13 who passed her Grade 8 piano examination with a distinction last week.

Katie has been playing piano since she was in Year 7 and will performing in the Sandringham Winter Concert on 7th December so we look forward to seeing her then. Well done Katie- what a fantastic achievement.

Ms M Holian


We are excited to announce that the Winter Concert will take place on Monday 7th December at 7pm. This will be a fantastic showcase of our musical talent here at Sandringham School and you can buy tickets to access a link to the live stream via the Sandpit theatre box office at www.sandpittheatre.co.uk


Mrs E Beaton


STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - is celebrated, encouraged and explored at Sandringham with a range of opportunities.

Physics students in Year 13 have this week been thinking about the SpaceX ‘taxi service’ that safely transported four astronauts to the International Space Station for its client NASA. This kind of outsourcing to the private sector will - NASA hopes - help save money for its bigger goal of getting people to the moon again. Chloe L and Khalid A did fantastic proofs on the whiteboard to show the students a mathematical description of satellite orbits.

Science Club continues, and last week the Year 7 students carried out lamb heart dissections. Well done to Lee C, Max D, Emilka H, Melissa L, Isabelle P and many others for conducting themselves like surgeons! As you can see from the pictures they certainly enjoyed the session.

In other STEM news, it has now been confirmed that Sandringham School is to take part in a national event called the Faraday Challenge. This will be a one-day engineering competition for up to 36 Year 8 students on 20th April. It will be difficult for us to select just 36 deserving students, but if anyone would like to get in touch to express interest early we will make a note.

Another appeal to parents: If you have any contacts in science, industry or government whose work is related to biodiversity or STEM, and who might be willing to give a talk to students, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Mr D. Tattersall, STEM coordinator, on tattersalld@mysandstorm.org

Mr D Tattersall


If you missed Mr Gray's LIVE Virtual tour of our amazing Sixth Form earlier this week, you can now watch it here https://sandringham.herts.sch.uk/sixth-form-admissions/.

The page also contains an information booklet, details about subjects available, entry requirements and other important information. Please also keep the following dates in your diary if the Sixth Form is of interest to you:

Sandringham Sixth Form Info Evening (online): Thurs 14th Jan 2021 6.30pm

Sixth Form Application deadline: Fri 5th Feb 2021

Ms M Holian


Senior Maths Challenge

In November, we had 14 students from Years 12 and 13 enter the Senior Maths Challenge run by the UK Mathematics Trust.  

A huge congratulations to: 

Sam R (Year 13) - Gold and Best in School and qualifying for the Senior Kangaroo follow on round.

Dylan S (Year 13) – Silver

Thomas van W (Year 13) – Bronze

Khalid A (Year 13) - Bronze

Tim I (Year 12) – Bronze – Best in year

Madeleine T (Year 12) – Bronze – Best in year

Well done to everyone else for taking part.

The next challenge is the Junior Maths Challenge in February which is open to Years 7 and 8.

Mr K Mauldridge


It’s been a busy week in Music with students exploring, creating, listening, sharing, learning and smiling. We have also been getting ready for the Christmas Concert and can’t wait to show you what we have been working on when it is streamed on Monday 7th December.

Mrs E Beaton

Literacy News

Word of the Week

C is for…Cajole (verb)

Definition: Persuade (someone) to do something by sustained coaxing or flattering

Example: She hoped to cajole him into selling the house

Synonyms: Deceive, Entice, Tempt

Antonyms: Disgust, Discourage, Dissuade

Etymology: Borrowed in the mid-17th century from the French word ‘cajoler’ meaning to wheedle or coax

Sandpit Theatre

Saturday 9th January – Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake – 7pm

Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake comes to cinemas with a fresh look for the 21st century.  This thrilling, audacious and witty production is perhaps still best known for replacing the female corps-de-ballet with a menacing male ensemble, which shattered convention, turned tradition upside down and took the dance world by storm.  Collecting over thirty international accolades including an Oliver Award and three Tonys on Broadway, Matthew Bourne’s powerful interpretation of Tchaikovsky’s beloved tale is still original and still unmissable, a passionate and contemporary Swan Lake for our times. Tickets £13.50/10

Miss A Carter-Downing

We hope everyone is keeping well. Through December, and January we have lots of exciting screenings coming to The SandPit. Including, Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake and Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella, A Beethoven Journey and Dream Maker! We look forward to opening our doors again safely and to see you all again.                                                               

Following Government guidelines, you must wear a face covering while attending The SandPit Theatre unless you are exempt as stated in these guidelines. If you do not wear a mask you will be refused entry and your ticket will be forfeited. Our café will be during these screenings for drinks and snacks but please note we will only be accepting card payments.

The box office is open from 11.30am – 3.30pm Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you can call us on 01727 799565 or visit www.sandpittheatre.co.uk

Miss A Carter-Downing

Saturday 12th December – Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella – 7pm

Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella is a thrilling and evocative love story set in London during the Second World War.  The internationally acclaimed choreographer’s interpretation of the classic fairy tale has, at its heart, a true war-time romance.  A chance meeting results in a magical night for Cinderella and her dashing young RAF pilot, together for just long enough to fall in love before being parted by the horrors of the Blitz.  Matthew Bourne’s vivid story telling has never been more heart-stopping and touching and will take the audience into the heart of Prokofiev’s magnificent score. Tickets £13.50/£10

Miss A Carter-Downing

Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th December – Dream Maker – 11am, 2pm, 4pm

Welcome to the Dream Shop!  You are invited to discover the mysteries of Dream Making and to share the secrets of mixing the perfect dream.  It’s important work – thousands of dreams are dreamt every single night, and they all have to be made just right. So, join PaddleBoat Theatre Company in this magical story and discover the joy of being a Dream Maker.

Dream Maker is a perfect return to the theatre for families aged 3+ and for anyone who would enjoy a relaxed, inclusive experience. Tickets £40 (Sits up to 6)

Miss A Carter-Downing

Wednesday 16th December – Concerto: A Beethoven Journey – 7pm

Filmed over the course of four years award-winning director Phil Grabsky follows leading concert pianist Leif Ove Andsnes’s attempt to understand and interpret one of the greatest sets of works for piano ever written: Beethoven’s five piano concertos. Against the wonderful background of Leif Ove playing these 5 pieces, we also show how these works offer a new fresh way of examining Beethoven’s life and work. Tickets £10

Miss A Carter-Downing